Fallen World

In the distant future, mankind spread beyond the borders of its solar system and discovered it wasn’t alone in the galaxy. Now space is torn by conflict, and one family find themselves trapped on three different sides of it.

After witnessing his planet burn and his people lost, all that matters to protagonist Xavier now is keeping alive what remains of his family— whatever the cost. Luckily for him he has allies: a cranky, mismatched group of insurgents thrown together through unlikely events, shared goals and above all else, a love of Martian schnapps. As they’re hunted through space, it soon becomes clear that Xavier’s quest to save his family and the rebel’s desire to bring peace may well be the same path.

Meanwhile, Xavier’s mother Adrijana finds herself a willing captive of mankind’s enemies; the Vruhr race. She must battle against her own demons and accept the newfound knowledge that she and her dead husband are responsible for bringing death to millions. Can she use her expertise to right wrongs and save the Vruhr from extinction without putting her children’s lives in any more danger? The weight of billions of lives may well depend on it.

With Adrijana living among the Vruhr and Xavier the rebels, Xavier’s sister Nuria remains with the Union; the governing body of humanity. Unbeknown to Nuria, her mother still lives, her brother has been named as an enemy of mankind and her rescuer and only friend is the same man who murdered her father. Nuria’s problems are just beginning, however. A fallen spaceship unearthed on a distant planet she was sent to investigate signals a new danger; one that threatens even more death to both Vruhr and humanity alike unless she can decode its long-buried message.

With the dark depths of space closing in the Albion family must learn to manoeuvre carefully, for their friends are few and not everyone is who they say.




“We went too far,” she whispered. The light of the flames flickered on her face and caught in her dark eyes.

Xavier sat with her, unable to reply. She rested her head on his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around to protect her from the cold. Overhead, the night sky glowed orange as the fire licked at the stars.

“We should go,” he said at last, his voice hoarse.

“Not yet,” she turned to him. “Just a little longer. Please.”

He gave a slight nod of his head and turned back to the town. On the ridge of the mountain they sat safely, even the screams couldn’t reach them from this distance.

“Do you think father made it?”

“I don’t know,” Xavier mumbled.

“I don’t think he did. I don’t think anybody could have survived.”

Xavier silently agreed. “Except us.”

She squeezed in closer. “I’m scared, Xav.”

“I know, Ava. I am too.”

“Will you protect me?” Her head tilted and he found himself looking into large, black eyes.

“With my life,” he promised.



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