Some of you may have noticed that my novel, Fallen World, has recently been removed from the Amazon store. This is because I have noticed small, but frequent errors with the book. Errors that are likely to throw a reader out of the book’s world and ruin the immersion. Which, of course, is precisely the opposite of what a writer is aiming to achieve.

These mistakes are entirely mine. Having written, edited and published this book myself it is clear a second set of eyes were needed before release. Rest assured though, I am doing my utmost to correct these mistakes and get the book back out there ASAP.

Since the book’s release it has been downloaded 200 times- and to those 200 people I can only apologise. I will, of course, happily send an updated, error free, copy of the novel to you free of charge. As an additional apology, I will happily provide you with book #2 FOC upon its release.

If you are one of those who have a copy of Fallen World complete with copy errors, please just drop me an email at, or a Twitter message @authoremery, and I’ll add you to the list and personally make sure that you receive books #1 and #2.

Apologies once again and please bear with this distraught author. Self-publishing is more challenging than I anticipated, and I have since discovered an incredible community of people who are passionate about helping indie authors such as myself. I will strive to ensure mistakes such as these never happen again.


Yours grovellingly,


Simon J. Emery