The walls of the hall were white.

The ceiling and the cross that circled his neck were white.

The flowers he gripped tight were white.

He entered the white elevator and waited as a snowman in sunlight might.

Button eyes closed against the bright light.


The cry of a baby pierced the night.

I’m coming! The mantra he had been uttering ever since that call at work,

as he had sped toward his baby’s birth.

The elevator doors opened to his smiling grandpa

Welcome to heaven.

The car that he hit on the way to hospital

had been white.



He lay with his arm folded behind his head.

She lay with her head in the fold of his arm.

The park and the birds in the trees held their breath.

She spoke. The world sighed, and sound returned.

Will you love me forever, John?


Will you love me from moonlight to dawn? Will you love me through song? Will you love me as the water loves the swan?

What was the second one?

She punched his arm.

Will you love me, even when I’m gone?

As he returned to the car

the footprints upon the leaves were one.