Believe in Heroes.

Vermasse. The last land. Home to broken empires and dying races. Birthplace of Elekana’s Dark Ale. Overrun with pirates, outlaws, beasts and, worst of all- heroes.

But it’s upon the backs of this last group that Vermasse will be shaped. Through snowy mountains and wild jungles, across bitter seas and endless deserts the heroes of Vermasse are being called. And they’ll answer, whether they like it or not.

Their legends will be remembered, their songs will be sung and their deeds will be immortalised.

Book Synopsis

Isais awakes memoryless and naked in a dungeon. However, he is not alone. Trapped inside him is a voice; a soul that seems to belong to somebody else. Somebody who can speak only to Isais. Guided by this strange persona, Isais traverses the dungeon and discovers he’s been given powers he has no idea how to use, and a mission he has no idea how to interpret.

With no sense of identity and only one cryptic clue, Isais must leave the dungeon and walk into a world of men, monsters and warring races. But he won’t face them alone. Companions will accompany our reluctant hero on his path, and though they may not all be charming, brave or sober they make up for it with loyalty and deviance by the bucketload. With friends beside him, Isais might just stand a chance of surviving long enough to discover who he is, and why he has another soul trapped within him.

But then again, maybe he won’t.