The Dark Enemy Saga 1

Xavier’s world burns. Separated from friends and family, he is rescued by a mysterious special forces team. However, as events unfold and factions start to reveal themselves, Xavier learns the war he has become caught up in is not as simple as he first thought.

Now, hunted across space by former friends and new enemies, Xavier must fight to keep his loved ones alive. He quickly discovers, however, that the only way to do that may be to confront those that brought death to his world and uncover truths that the greatest powers of humanity would prefer left buried.

Outnumbered and outgunned, Xavier’s survival depends entirely on the small, cantankerous rebel crew he finds himself caught up with. Will their skills be enough to save the future of two warring races, or will they be swallowed by the vast powers aligned against them?

One family. Three sides. Bloodshed born from a secret that could topple empires. Fallen World is the first book in a fast-paced, exciting new sci-fi novel series.



The Dark Enemy Saga 2


Tasked on a mission to draft peace between humanity and the Vruhr, it all goes terribly wrong for Xavier and his crew and they soon find themselves hunted through the galaxy.

With time running out and casualties mounting, Xavier’s fate and his mother’s request draws him back to Vermasse. However, he quickly discovers his home planet is overrun with the enemy.

Meanwhile, Isais prepares a huge fleet, determined to crush the Vruhr once and for all. Xavier must find a way to prevent it before millions of lives are lost on both sides. Unbeknown to everyone, however, an even more ferocious enemy lurks in the shadows; an enemy that will force Xavier into the arms of the Union and Kjeld into the arms of the Vruhr.

Will Xavier become the leader humanity needs? Can the Vruhr’s resistance be built on the shoulders of the man who hates them most of all? Is Nuria able to solve the mystery at the heart of the new invasion before it is too late?

If the galaxy is to survive, past enmities will have to be forgotten and new heroes must be forged in pain and blood.

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